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A Branch of the American Counseling Association







 MCA leadership officers for 2022-2023!

President: Dr. Pat Dudley

Past-President: Dr. Sara Pula

President-Elect: Dr. Kerri Legette McCullough

Treasurer: Dr. Rebekah Cole

Treasurer Elect: Dr. Marja Humphrey

Secretary: Leslie Holley

Secretary-Elect: Annyck Hamez

Member-at-Large: Irene Burks

Executive Director: Catherine Eaton

Now is an exciting time to consider joining MCA! 

MCA's mission is to promote public confidence and trust in the counseling profession and to influence policies that affect professional counselors and the welfare of the diverse clients they serve. 

We are currently planning new ways to provide services for our members and the community at large and need your ideas!

Why not take the step in joining MCA and considering work on one of our committees to make the world a better place through your care and expertise?

MCA supports professional counselors and counselors-in-training through a variety of professional development opportunities and support services.

See our upcoming events and resources webpages for helpful content!

Upcoming events!


         We are so excited to be have a partnership with Walden University! For more information please click the link below.


    Walden University

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