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" I am slowly learning more about not only the clinician I want to be but also the type of leader I want to be. In graduate school, professors are always saying, look within and know yourself. During this program, I am reminding myself to be a little bit more intentional, and I am loving what I am learning."

Meet our Emerging Leader
          Jasmin Sias

Jasmin is originally from Brooklyn, NY, and moved to Maryland to pursue her Master's degree from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Jasmin is now a Mental Health therapist currently providing neurofeedback and psychotherapy to children and adults. Working adults and children with neurological disorders have allowed Jasmin to understand neuroscience and the different functions and how they related to psychological disorders. She is currently licensed as an LGPC and is working towards full licensure. Jasmin has a passion for helping clients break down walls to achieve personal and meaningful growth. In the future, she hopes to get her Ph.D. and conduct research that will benefit the Black and mental health community. Jasmin aspires to take on leadership roles to be at the forefront of change. Being a first-generation college student, her ambition and desire for self-improvement led her to the emerging leader program. Since joining the emerging leader program, Jasmin has embraced the program's different opportunities that helped promote her professional and personal development. Having the opportunity to be advised by other professionals has helped foster her ideas and revamp what it means to a leader.



Tips for our Emerging Leader 


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